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Food of the Gods

Fiction - Completed 99,000 words

Amber Kite longs to escape from her life, a life so laden with fear, death, and blood she believes God has a personal vendetta. Billionaire Jennifer Chanler-Harper’s life is so good she wants to live forever.  They both hold the key to fulfill the other’s dream.

Currently seeking representation.

The Krishna Experiment
Book I

Fiction - First draft complete

Krishna Chopra appears to be an ordinary fourteen year old. She argues with her mom, finds her brother annoying, and has crush on the boy next door. However, Krishna's best, and only friend, was bribed by the FBI to hang out with her, Krishna has an I.Q. over two hundred and she has invented a device, dubbed 'Alice's Looking Glass', which allows her to see in to the past.

The Behemoth Rises
Book II


The second American civil war languishes in an uneasy truce. As the two sides argue over the 'Alice's Looking Glass'  someone else is trying to get a foothold on American soil. With terrorist attacks in New York, a war in China, and Sophie's nightmare premonitions, Krishna realizes when they turned off the ALG something became trapped on Earth. A creature of such purified evil that it maybe the Devil itself.

Short Stories


Girlfriend problems galore, Ralph attempts to take a philosophical outlook on dating despite the musing of his best friend and aging hippy, Adam.

Ralph's bus ride
Ralph joins the gym
Ralph and the bosses boat

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