Welcome to my blog

I'm Kevin and this is who I am...

I'm all about the family fun, the sport lovin', the fancy dancy, and the having a laugh. 

I tell stories to my babies. I write stories. I love stories. My best friend told me, "never ever let the truth get in the way of good story." 

I run...a lot! I ran the Boston marathon in 2015. I ran 26 KM over the Yukon mountains on the Klondike Trail at 3:00AM -- 3 times!

I have a degree in math and actually get to use math in my (day) job! I am freakishly goal orientated.

I have wonderful friends with whom I do wonderful charity events 

I love my two crazy, funny girls so much it hurts. And everytime they ask for something,I tell them, "when my book is published." Drives them potty!

 I got drunk with Peter Finlay before he wrote Vernon God Little. I swapped a pair of rollerblades for a pre-published draft...good trade me thinks!

And... my wonderful "tough mudder" wife who looks after us all!

I grew up in a council estate in Wolverhampton, England. I have travelled the world...a lot! And now I live in the most beautiful Bay in the world in West Vancouver.

Say "hi" sometime writingissimple@gmail.com

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