Saturday, January 7, 2017

Book I: The Vessel - Children of the White

I'm very excited. Today, I completed my first draft (56K words) of my new novel, Children of the White, Book I of my new trilogy, The Vessel.

This is the story of five children who become trapped when a enormous alien craft lands in North America. Without any method of escape and no one able to rescue them, the five friends start to realize that they may be isolated for a long time. As one boy starts to assert his power on the group they realize they have contracted some type of radiation poisoning. Fighting to cope with their new social structure and potential death, the children see that the seemingly dormant craft is beginning to wake up.

The first attack is devastating and it becomes obvious the armed forces of the world will be useless against the aliens army. The only hope is for the small gang of kids to infiltrate the enemy and disable the devise which makes the soldiers of the Vessel invincible.  

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