Thursday, March 31, 2016

Quick Five Point Novel Guide to ending a sentence with a Preposition

I received an email today and the author had ended no fewer than five sentences with a preposition!


I am not in to perfect grammar especially in an email but FIVE! 

I decided to review each one and decide whether I could let them go or not.

It became clear to me there are four scenarios.

1) The preposition was extraneous and the sentence worked perfectly if I removed the culprit. 

"Where we are going to?"

"Where are we going?"

2) The sentence was incomplete.

"Up, up, and beyond."

This is not a complete sentence. What are we going "beyond"? ... hey, see what I did?

3) The sentence could be written better.

"I can not wait for the play to be over."

"I can not wait for the play to finish."

4) The sentence was fine.

"What did you step on?"

If your sentence passes the first three checks than it is probably fine.