Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Writing Rule #2: Motivation & Reaction

All novels contain an over riding motivation which is usually clear very earlier on; Greed, Fear, Romance. 

For example, in The Hunger Games Katniss's first and overriding motivation is save her sister from competing in a deadly tournament--Fear for her sister's life. However, the whole of a novel is not only filled with motivations and reactions, it is driven by them. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Quick Five Point Novel Guide to The Comma and "Star Wars"

Okay, I confess! This blog has nothing to do with Star Wars...but neither did my "chew"bacca sandwich I had today.

No, this is about the COMMA from my favorite blogger, Grammar Girl

She has this great little picture that summaries the comma perfectly. This is not an exhaustive guide but if you compare these 15 rules with the Writer Digest Table Top Guide to Writing which has 258 rules for the comma--it is not bad.

If you like this then check out Grammar Girls Writing Guide for Students.

You may have noticed it is more than 5 points...but come on. It is hard enough getting it down to 15.