Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Art of Manliness

Every guy is “the Man” in his own head but have you ever wondered if maybe you’re not? To find out let’s do a check list:

1. Are you a 2nd Dan or higher in some form of martial arts?

2. Is your partner 3 inches tall than you, beautiful, and a surgeon?

3. Do you do stunt sky diving?

4. Did your genes bless you with a son (unless  no kids is a life choice)?

5. Do you have a full shoulder-arm tattoo?

Or maybe the next check list is better for you:

1. Have you dated somebody who looked like a Lego character?

2. Did you get knocked out cold in white-collar boxing match?

3. Are you 3 inches shorter than your partner (if you don’t have 
partner then major fail)?

4. Do you own two cats?

5. Have you ever gone a year with a date?

(If you have daughters and sisters but no sons or brothers, then I am sorry but you are only a man by an evolutionary coincidence!)

If you fall into the first group then you can stop reading now as for the other 99% of us, you need a lesson in manliness. In fact, you need someone to hold your hand (you probably prefer this) and lead you into the world of manliness. 

In their website The Art of Manliness Burt & Kate McKay, and Jeremy Anderberg show you what you need to know to be Manly.

Manly things like:

Or perhaps you’re more of relationship or family guy:

Or you want to improve your style:

But my favorites are:

Whatever your weakness these guys have got help for you, so check them out.

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