Monday, January 26, 2015

Passion does not excuse not Proof Reading

Okay, I had a bit of a bad post on Saturday's Blood ties is no longer science fiction.

I rushed to publish my post, not because I was pressed for time but because I was so excited to share. 

This mistake reminded me, after the fact, of one of the best pieces of advice ever given to me: 

"Your greatest strength is also your greatest weakness, so watch out.” 

I can tell you, this is so true.

In my last post, I was so excited about finding the article on Blood (indirectly) related to my novel and I got so passionate about getting my blog out, I messed up. 

I got sloppy with the proof reading and review. One of the errors was writing “their” instead of “there”…OMG! I even messed up the title…ouch. Both issues are now fixed.

In themselves being excited and passionate about something is great, and I would say that my passion for my hobbies, work, and family are why I am successful, and why I know one day, I will sell my novel and be published. 

However, that same strength can also be my undoing. I rush ahead like a kid with the keys to the candy store and before you know it that kid is throwing up in the corner.

A similar thing happened with my running. A couple of years ago, I set a goal to not only run a marathon but to qualify for the Boston marathon (the benchmark of amateur marathon running.) I trained hard and in May 2014 I ran the qualifying time. I am on the plane to Boston next April…I hope!

However in my passion to qualify, I may have over trained a little and ended up with a fractured heel. I missed four months of running over the summer and autumn, and when I did restart, the rehab was slow and painful. Only last week, I ran without pain in my foot for the first time.

I have to control my passion, take a step back, and breathe.

For yourself, I bet you can take you greatest strength and see a direct correlation with your greatest weakness.

  • The world’s greatest mom finds it hard to switch off her family's needs at work.
  • The person that creates perfectly detailed, excellent project plans but cannot deliver.
  • The computer support girl who loves firefighting software issues but can’t focus long term to get permanent solutions.
  • The brilliant inventive imaginative writer who cannot be bothered with revising old stories.
  • The jack of all trades, but the master of none.

You get the picture. 

It is hard to be passionate to deliver and be patient, to deliver in the short term and think about the long term, and love the new whilst perfecting the old. But, if you can find the balance to eliminate your weakness without losing your greatness then you are on the path to success in all you do. 

I promise you, if you can boil things down to the core, you will be amazed at the relationship, and once you see it, you will have an amazing “Ah-Ha” moment. 

Please write in the comments below:

What is your GREATEST STRENGTH and can you relate it to your GREATEST WEAKNESS?

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