Thursday, January 8, 2015

Amazing Words: Canoodle

Each week, I’m going to present an amazing word. A word that has a double meaning either directly or perhaps through origin, where is has evolved into a new meaning, or carries a wonderful Onomatopoeic effect.

This week my amazing word is:


Oh, how I love a good Canoodle on a Friday night, for nothing sets the heart beating faster than the caress of a lover. 

Canoodle, meaning to pet or fondle is laden with sexual promise, maybe the Swedish promise of Knulla or fornication, from which some belief the word first came (sorry, I could not resist that one.)

I like to think of it as encouraging a caress a bit too far and enticing a welcome fondle; canoodle

Either way it is a wonderful word because even without a definition you just naturally know it is intimate secret shared by only two people.

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