Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Amazing Words: Discursive

Each week, I’m going to present an amazing word. 

A word that has a double meaning either directly or perhaps through origin, where is has evolved into a new meaning, or carries a wonderful Onomatopoeic effect.

This week my amazing word is:


The word can get you seriously misunderstood; the rambling fool might thank you if you say “you are being discursive, whereas the same comment may make your key note speaker walk out the auditorium.

You see the problem with discursive is that it means both,  moving from topic to topic without order AND proceeding coherently from topic to topic with marked analytical reasoning.

The word discursive comes from the Latin word discurrere which means to Run About and that can give it more desultory meaning, so beware—you might make the wrong person very angry!

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