Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Anomynous Vigilante Rises Again

The recent attack on the North Korean web service for their alleged, and probably unlikely, attack on Sony has been attributed to the hacktivist group known as Anomynous. 

One month ago, I talked about the dangers of a group like this potentially having an agenda which could draw the U.S. into a major war; see The Anonymous Vigilante.

With this attack, we are seeing the arrogance of this group grow, made worse by the fact that the North Koreans may well be innocent in this matter. In fact, I wonder if both sides of the attack were not Anomynous.

The current trend in teenage literature (which has a greater following in post-teen readers) is for post apocalyptic dystopian worlds, and we should worry that they maybe an element of the current hacktivists who confuse the fantasy for a "better" reality.

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