Thursday, December 11, 2014

Amazing words: Tabard

Each week, I’m going to present an amazing word. A word that has a double meaning either directly or perhaps through origin, where is has evolved into a new meaning, or carries a wonderful Onomatopoeic effect.

This week my amazing word is:


A tabard, the knight’s uniform of school dinner ladies back in England in the 70’s and 80’s.  Though, they did not wear armor under their tabard, I am sure a few happily wielded a sword.

The origin of the word refers to a loose outer garment, sleeveless or with short sleeves, especially one worn by a knight over his armor and usually emblazoned with his arms.


Mrs. Crowdis, the demon summoner and child executioner elect among St. Edmonds dinner lady crew, stood between me and a second jam dessert, scowling, one hand beneath her tabard as if she grasped a cleaver, and mad as hell.

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