Wednesday, December 3, 2014

10 No Bull S*** Rules to Success

I have been relatively successful in pretty much everything I have ever done, be it work, hobbies, or pleasure, and it comes down to ten priceless, no bull, rules.

These are pretty good things to do if you ever want to successfully lead people too! 

1. Take ownership

If you don’t feel you own the problem, you will never work hard enough to solve the problem

2. Never give an excuse

If you own it and something goes wrong, even if it out of your control, do not, ever, give excuses. The truth will come out in time and your reputation will be enhanced.

3. Do not talk negatively about others

They will find out and others will assume you talk about them too

4. Say “No”

Only do what you have the skill and time to do. It is better to say ‘no’ and give the person asking the option to go elsewhere.

5. 80-20 Rule

Never seek perfection

6. Be humble

Don’t brag and look to compliment others

7. Be nice

Karma man!

8. Be honest

If you are always honest in mistakes and praise, people will trust you and that is a powerful ally to have

9. Listen to feedback openly

I am a writer, I get better by listen to feedback openly. I may not follow all feedback but I consider why the other person feels the way they do.

10. Listen to others ideas and give credit

No one person will know everything, and the best ideas usually come from collaboration with others.

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