Sunday, November 9, 2014

Amazing Words: List

Each week, I’m going to present an amazing word. A word that has a double meaning either directly or perhaps through origin, where is has evolved into a new meaning, or carries a wonderful Onomatopoeic effect.

This week my amazing word is:


I picked LIST because this seems to be my week for lists:

Okay, I know you might be thinking, List? List? Is this all you got Dowling? Well, bear with me. 

We all know the meaning of List as a series of connected items or making a series (is it a verb, is it a noun?), but did you know it refers to the barriers of a jousting tournament, an area of combat, or that it is the edge of woven fabric?

We may well know when a ship leans to one side it is listing, but List also means ‘to like’ or ‘to want’ and this comes from the Germanic root of pleasure. Though, I do not imagine there being much pleasure when the Titanic listed.

  • Series of items
  • Combat area
  • Edge of woven fabric
  • Like
  • Pleasure

 Wow, well those meanings make a long…collection.

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