Friday, November 7, 2014

10 Things You Should NEVER Say To Your Novel

We all work hard on our novels. Every day, we pander to their high maintenance. We sit back and look at them with mixed emotions.

At first, we feel the excitement and the passion. Then, we get into a comfortable zone, seeing them first thing in the morning and last thing at night. But, eventually familiarity breeds contempt and  we need a break. We start to think about that other novel. She is so fresh, fun, and different...

In these moments of writing weakness remember, the ten things you should NEVER say to your novel:

  1. You were adopted (plagiarized)
  2. I miss my ex-novel
  3. You were not the novel I was trying to write
  4. Size doesn’t matter
  5. My last novel was sexier
  6. I read a better novel last night
  7. Call it by the wrong title
  8. You should take a page out of my mother’s book
  9. Epilogue? Whatever!
  10. You’re not exactly a Man Booker

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