Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Do you have a Writer’s Mission Statement?

This does not count: “To be stinking rich, win the Man Booker Prize, and be chased on Malibu beach by paparazzi photographing my new found six-pack for the cover of people magazine.”

What can you hope to achieve with a Writer’s Mission Statement?

In my ‘Clarke Kent’ life, where no one knows my alter ego, Writer & Runner, I tell people this is not just about goals or how you will achieve them.

This one statement will force you to think deeply about your writing, clarify the purpose of your writing, and identify what is really important to you. It will be a marker in the sand, to say “here I stand today” and to tell your future self what you expect from them and who you want to become. You cannot measure success without knowing what it looks like.

Create your writer’s mission statement and think about where you want to be in six to twelve months. Remember, your Statement must inspire you not choke you.

Here are the 5 easy steps:
  1. The Past: Look at your own past successes and find what they had in common.
  2. The How: Ask yourself what core values you hold dear and the person you want to be.
  3. The Goals: List your goals, three or four will do it.
  4. The What: Think about what success will look like to you.
  5. The Statement: Write a statement that embodies them.

To help you visualize this, I have written out mine below:

The Past

I used my running for inspiration. Two years ago, I started running marathons and my goals was to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Tick. Success.

Key to this:

  • Organization
  • Small realistic steps (mini-goals)
  • Referring to my mission statement when it was snowing outside.
  • Refusing to stop—despite the knock backs.

The How

I want to be very clear on how I want to achieve these goals:

  • Help other writers with the hope they will help me.
  • Keep my promises to my readers.
  • Seek quality over quantity in whom I follow and my followers.

The Goals

For me these were:

  • Write a blog post every week and post on Wednesday’s.
  • Send one micro-blogs every Saturday and extend to another on Monday’s.
  • To write a minimum of 700 words of my novel a day and finish the first draft of The Behemoth Rises, Book II of The Krishna Experiment.
  • To refine Blood Ties and to take it to the next level.

The What

What will success look like for me?

  • I follow writers who I have grown to trust not to waste me valuable time
  • I am followed by people who trust me
  • I have developed a professional/friendly rapport with writers on the same path as me.
  • I enjoy writing my blog and reading others as much as I do writing stories.
  • I have completed my goals.

The Statement

I aim to be recognized as an author. I will achieve this by delivering help, friendship, and joy through my interaction with others in the writer’s universe. I will, through osmosis, inspire trust.

Do you have a Writer’s Mission Statement?

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